Common Questions About DEFY's Hemp Performance Drinks

Common Questions About DEFY's Hemp Performance Drinks

At DEFY, we’re all about transparency. We put our quality assurance tests on our website for everyone to see, and we don’t turn down or dodge questions about our hemp performance drinks. In fact, today’s post is dedicated to answering a few of the most common questions we receive about DEFY.

If you’re curious about trying DEFY and learning more about why athletes around the country are making the switch, head over to our catalog and try out one of our three delicious flavors. You can also order a sampler pack that allows you to try all three!


Who Is Terrell Davis, and How Is He Affiliated With DEFY? Image of Terrell Davis in a DEFY shirt.

Also known as TD, Terrell Davis is a former Denver Bronco and a member of the NFL Hall of Fame. We’d have to dedicate an entire blog to all of Davis’ accomplishments and accolades! He also co-founded DEFY after his first-hand experience with the benefits of using hemp extract while training.

What Makes DEFY Different From Other Performance Drinks?

First and foremost, DEFY is a line of performance drinks created for athletes, by athletes. While many products on today’s market are created without the needs of real athletes in mind, we’ve used first-hand experience to guide our decisions.

We’ve also distinguished DEFY from the competition by incorporating 20 milligrams of performance-spectrum hemp extract into each drink. We don’t just throw compounds together and mix them up, though — we’ve done our homework to ensure that each and every ingredient works synergistically to maximize absorption and give you the best results possible.

Does Your Performance-Spectrum Hemp Extract Contain THC?

No! While the performance-spectrum hemp extract we use in our formulas is derived from hemp, we utilize a patented extraction process that isolates non-psychoactive compounds. Each product batch is third-party tested by an independent lab to ensure that it meets potency standards and is free of pesticides and other contaminants.

As we noted in the introduction, we’re all about transparency. Our Quality Control page has information about the tests we’ve performed on each batch, allowing you to invest in your training with confidence. As always, you can get in touch with us if you would like additional information about our hemp performance drinks!

Should I Drink DEFY Before, During, or After My Workout?

One of the best things about DEFY is that it has benefits for every stage of the training process. It’s designed to support your stamina by improving blood flow, allowing you to maximize each and every training session.

Once your workout is over, DEFY can help you recover by giving your body the building blocks it needs to quicken the recovery process. This can reduce your overall recovery time and help with the soreness that inevitably follows an intense workout. DEFY’s cutting edge formula can also help you get the quality sleep you need to get up and grind again.

In other words, DEFY is there to support you whenever and wherever you need it.

DEFY Your Everyday and Get Started With an Order

We hope that today’s entry has answered some of your questions about our hemp performance drinks. Stay tuned for follow-up posts in which we’ll continue to answer your questions, and be sure to look through the rest of the resources on our website if you would like additional information.

If you’re ready to see why athletes around the country are fueling their training with DEFY, head over to our catalog and get started with an order. We have three refreshing flavors to choose from, and we also offer a sampler pack that includes all three if you’re not sure which flavor to choose.

We look forward to helping you DEFY your limitations!