Easy Ways to Improve Your Training

Easy Ways to Improve Your Training

As an athlete, you understand the value of self improvement. You’re dedicated to bettering yourself and reaching your goals, and you don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way. We understand why you do what you do, and this post is designed to help you take your training to the next level.

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How to Take Your Training to the Next Level

Become a Well-Rounded Athlete Image of a woman relaxing after a tough workout.

It’s easy to put on blinders and focus solely on your training. In fact, it makes sense for serious athletes who can’t afford to focus on anything else. However, for most people most of the time, mixing up a routine is one of the best ways to improve strength, flexibility, and stamina.

Do you powerlift several days a week? Try yoga or go to a Pilates class. We can almost guarantee you’ll be sorer than you’ve been in a long time. Do you distance cycle and occasionally lift weights? Try high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and throw your body a curveball.

To put the point differently: put your strengths aside and try something new. It might be humbling at first, but you’ll be better for it in the end.

Minimize Stress

Everyone gets stressed from time to time, but chronic and ongoing stress can impact both your mental and physical health in a variety of ways. As far as your physical health is concerned, numerous studies have found that cortisol — the fight-or-flight hormone that gets released when we feel stressed — can impede muscle recovery following almost every form of exercise. Exercise is a great way to destress after a long day, but work to target stressors in your life at their source so that you reap the full benefits of your training.

Prioritize Rest

Building on our previous point, make rest and recovery priorities in your training regimen. To start, make sure that you’re getting plenty of sleep each night. Sleep is when your body has time to repair itself from your training, but a good night’s sleep will also allow you to push harder during your next workout.

You should also make time to stretch your body before and after a workout. Sure, it’s not quite as exciting as lifting hundreds of pounds or running sprints, but it will improve circulation throughout your body and prevent lactic acid from building up and prolonging your post-workout soreness.

Order DEFY’s Performance Drinks

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