Welcome to DEFY!

Welcome to DEFY!

Welcome to DEFY!

We’re thrilled to see that you’re exploring our website and checking out all of the great resources we have to offer. On our blog page, you can expect to see regular posts about the latest news from DEFY, athletes we’ve partnered with, training tips, and other articles written with your health and well-being in mind.

That’s a quick glance at the future of the DEFY blog, but today’s post is all about helping you get to know us and our products. When you’re finished reading today’s entry, be sure to look through our catalog to find a performance drink you can use to take your workouts to the next level.

How DEFY Started

The concept for DEFY was launched back in 2017 when former Bronco, Terrell Davis, began using hemp extract to recover from his grueling workouts. He noticed a number of benefits that he hadn’t expected. The first was his overall recovery time — it was significantly reduced. As a former NFL player, Davis knew what to expect from every workout he put himself through, and he was amazed at the difference hemp extract made during his recovery.

However, fast recovery wasn’t the only benefit he noticed after using hemp extract on a regular basis.

He noticed that there was something different about his focus, almost as if he were focusing with laser-guided precision that he had only glimpsed on occasion. He noticed that his workouts began to become more explosive and energized, and he was constantly pushing past his records and crushing his expectations.

After months of testing and sharing his experience with other athletes, Davis began developing the formulas that would become DEFY.

Of course, performance-spectrum hemp extract was a crucial and non-negotiable ingredient, but Davis wanted to create a performance drink that truly separated itself from the crowded and oversaturated marketplace. DEFY was then designed with the following four points in mind:

  • Performance: Many performance drinks are filled with sugar and artificial ingredients that leave you sluggish and tired following a workout. DEFY is formulated to boost stamina and improve blood circulation so that you never run out of fuel. Did we mention we left the mountains of sugar and artificial ingredients on the sidelines?
  • Rest: Have you ever had a performance drink that kept you up all night due to high caffeine and other stimulants? We know there’s nothing fun about being shaky and anxious, and DEFY’s cutting-edge formula can help you get better rest and even alleviate mild anxiety.
  • Recovery: Sore muscles are a great reminder that you worked hard and gave your last training session everything you had. They’re also not fun to deal with when you just want to live your life. DEFY is formulated to reduce your recovery time and lessen muscle and joint soreness, allowing you to get back to training sooner.
  • Maintenance: Nothing will take you out of the game quite like an injury. DEFY is designed with the needs of athletes in mind and works to reduce the risk of an injury caused by inflammation.

Order Our Hemp Drinks Online

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If you’re ready to push yourself to peak performance, pick up a pack of DEFY before you head out. We have three delicious flavors to choose from as well as a sampler pack that includes them all. No matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

Are you ready to DEFY the everyday?