DEFY Teams With John Lenore & Co. to Bring Boost+Immunity Performance Drinks and Alkaline Water to Southern California

DEFY Teams With John Lenore & Co. to Bring Boost+Immunity Performance Drinks and Alkaline Water to Southern California

Denver, CO, April 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire – DEFY, a rapidly expanding performance beverage company, has signed an agreement with John Lenore & Co. to distribute its Boost+Immunity performance drinks and Ionized, alkaline, pH 9.5+ water throughout San Diego County. 

"I am very excited to bring our products to my home town!” says DEFY co-founder, two-time Superbowl Champion, and native San Diegan, Terrell Davis. “As a black-, woman-, and veteran-owned and operated business, our priority is to lead by example when it comes to making moves that directly empower these communities.”

DEFY Boost+Immunity – the 2022 Beverage Digest Award Winner for Best Low/No Sugar Drink – features 80mg of Clean Caffeine, plus amino acids and immunity blend. The high performance sports drink also delivers an immunity blend of Elderberry, Acai and more, maximizing the benefits of performance and hydration drinks in one. Plus, there are no added sugars.

DEFY Alkaline Water was created to meet the growing consumer demand for healthier, great-tasting, purified water, free from impurities and contaminants. Ionized with an alkaline pH 9.5+, infused with vital electrolytes and minerals, DEFY Alkaline Water is optimized for premium taste and supercharged cellular hydration.

DEFY's Mission is not only to be the black-, woman-, and veteran-owned and operated performance brand of choice in the wellness space, it is to also give back in truly substantial ways by supporting organizations in need that serve vulnerable communities daily.

"Partnering with the leader in Southern California distribution was essential to DEFY’s continued growth,” says DEFY co-founder and President, Megan Bushell. “With over three million people, San Diego County is key in expanding the DEFY footprint.”

DEFY  |  Perform Better. Hydrate Better. Recover Better. LIVE BETTER.

About DEFY

DEFY is a Black-owned, woman-owned, and veteran-owned performance wellness company, co-founded by former NFL All-Pro running back, 2x Super Bowl Champion, and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Terrell Davis. DEFY is focused on helping athletes and active consumers reach their full potential with its DEFY Performance System: BOOST, HYDRATE, and RECOVER. Founded in 2019, DEFY became the world's first mainstream research-backed CBD brand built specifically for athletes to aid in training and recovery. Since then, DEFY has expanded its offerings to include non-CBD performance beverages and has partnered with local and national non-profit organizations to donate a portion of its proceeds to underserved and minority communities. Learn more at

About John Lenore & Co.

John Lenore & Co., a premium non-alcoholic beverage distributor, has been operating in San Diego County since 1966, becoming one of the top distributors in the region. Since distributing Snapple in 1991, John Lenore & Co. became an alternative landing spot for entrepreneurial and independent brands such as Vitamin Water and Monster Energy that could not penetrate the Coke, Pepsi or 7Up distribution networks. John Lenore website.

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