CBD Difference


“All CBD is not created equal.” – Terrell Davis

Cannabinoid use has exploded in recent years as the world becomes more aware of its potentially life-changing benefits and uses. But the industry is still young, and it’s hard to know if the products you’re getting are safe, high-quality and effective. DEFY is determined to provide the highest-quality hemp extract in all our products.


As a nascent industry, innovative new ways to leverage the power of cannabinoids will continue to emerge at rapid speed. DEFY stands by a promise to lead the charge in evolving the hemp extract industry for the better: establishing new standards in tech, product excellence and advocacy.


New delivery methods and achievements in “bioavailability” are spurring new studies, treatments, and potential for improving the lives of athletes and the general public alike. In response to the industry’s meteoric growth—and consequential loose production standards—DEFY Performance Beverages has assembled alliances with scientists and laboratories to support the science and health research behind hemp extract.

It’s our job to revolutionize the industry—and the athlete’s job to benefit from it.